1. simply, plainly, forthrightly, directly, straightforwardly, genuinely; sincerely, honestly, truly, verily, bona fide; in truth, in reality, really, intrinsically.
2. merely, only, exclusively, solely.
3. entirely, wholly, totally, fully, thoroughly, completely; integrally, indivisibly, absolutely, utterly, unequivocally, indeed, altogether, all, in all respects; punctiliously, meticulously, consistently, certainly, assuredly; impeccably, spotlessly, unconditionally, in good faith; perfectly, faultlessly, flawlessly.
4. innocently, virtuously, righteously, decently, devoutly, unimpeachably, irreproachably; chastely, cleanly, blamelessly, immaculately, high-mindedly, morally, scrupulously, admirably, uprightly.

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